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UPS Return Label Instructions

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How do I send my parts to RPM MOTORSPORT LTD? (UPS Return Label)


UPS Return Label Instructions

Thank you for recent purchase at RPM MOTORSPORT LTD.
Your package should Arrive at our Facility by tomorrow morning at 10:00 A.M if sent before the Cut-off time, which is usually 4:00PM (Local Time) at any UPS Store. Orders take 1 to 2 business days in RPM MOTORSPORT LTD. for completion.

Your UPS Return Label will be emailed to you within 15 to 30 Minutes from this email arrival.
Follow those 3 simple steps :

1. Look for a email “RPM MOTORSPORT LTD.” Subject "UPS Label Delivery, 1Z6249FRXXXXXXXXXX". (Check your SPAM Inbox if you cant find it) Once found -> Click to open the email -> You will find 6 Blue Links -> Click the 1st link (See Picture Below)  "Retrieve Your Shipment Label" -> Once opened as a PDF file -> Please press CTRL P or Select Print ALL.

2. Once All 5 Pages are Printed, Disregard Page 5 “Documentation Instructions” As its only for Instructions. And Use the 4 Pages, Page 1 is the Label Fold it making sure the Bar-Code is faced upwards -> Page 2, 3 and 4 are the Commercial invoices -> Please SIGN and DATE All 4 Pages -> Never Put any documents inside the box, Always hand over paper work to a UPS Store or Insert the paper work into a Pouch ->Pack your Items needed by RPM MOTORSPORT LTD. and go to any UPS Store near you.

3. This is an Overnight Shipping Regardless on what UPS representatives might inform you, there are no customs involvements / delays since RPM MOTORSPORT LTD. is a trusted cooperation.

Confused or have any shipping questions? Simply Call us on the number and extension below.
Thank You for your business!


Shipping Department
1(888) 212-4073
Ext 335 or Press 3


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